About Us

The Glitter Girls Collective......sounds pretty spangly & magic, right??

But who are the sparkly, clever Creatures behind the name & what  do  they do??? The answers to these *VERY* important questions are  actually  quite simple!

The Glitter Girls are, in fact, Kerri (Flipside Bride), Emily (Proteleia) & Kate (Mrs W Tutus) each  a fabulously talented individual, but TOGETHER their Superpowers pretty  much know no limits (a bit like Transformers, only with fewer mechanical  parts......)

We'll be showcasing our combined super powers by way of styled shoots throughout the year. Collaborating with fellow glittery pixies, fairies and unicorns to create truly magical wedding concepts. 

We can't wait to share the first of these with you Mid Summer 2017.


I’ve had a lifelong obsession with buttons, fabric and all things  glittery. My Nana May was a talented seamstress and taught me so many  skills and life lessons. Flipside Bride really is down to her (bless ya  Nana!)

I’m the kind of person who can’t sit still, and has to be making  something. I’m an obsessive baker, cake eater and extreme crocheter (is  that a word?) Flipside Bride is my playground I guess, and allows me to  help others realise their dreams.


I love design on all scales and with a background in Architectural and Interior Design I have a wealth of design and project management experience. I work with couples and individuals to create the stationery they desire, to tell the world about their dream wedding or event.

I love the etiquette of weddings and working out modern twists on old traditions to help give your big day a unique spin!


I graduated from University College Northampton with a BA (Hons) in  Fashion in 2000 and began creating Bespoke Wedding Gowns for friends  & family.

As the years have gone on, I have become the Mummy of 3 girly Girls and  it is from this that Mrs W Tutus was born – my Girls LOVE to dress up  & Dream and I wanted every aspiring Fairy Princess to have this  opportunity. My Tutus, Bodices and Tutu Dresses are perfect for  Birthdays, Special Occasions, Bridesmaids & Flower Girls or for  simply twirling at the end of the Garden!

Flipside Bride

Creator of Wondrously Quirky Bouquets & Accessories



Designer of Bespoke Wedding Invitations & Stationery


Mrs W Tutus

Maker of Tutu Dresses, Custom Petticoats, Alternative Bridal Wear & Corsets